Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Deep Down will be free to play

We recently talked about Deep Down in a prior post, having gleaned some more information about the title itself.

Now Capcom has said that this RPG title will not only be online, but a free-to-play. There will be a beta roughly the time the PS4 releases in Japan next year as well. While the bits we have been teased from time to time are interesting, I admit I am a little concerned about the free-to-play model. I am willing to give it a go of course, I just hope it makes a stronger showing that some of the other recent console efforts like Dust 514 and Spartacus. It is great to see developers trying new things, and a new console is probably the perfect time to do so, it just seems like these free-to-play games do not get the resources necessary to make it stand alongside full releases with bigger budgets.

- Nick H
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