Thursday, September 12, 2013

Deception series to find new life on Vita

Here is an announcement that took me by complete surprise - but I am very happy to have heard it. Tecmo is going to bring the Deception series back - on the PlayStation Vita.

I only ever played the first title in the series - I honestly did not even know about the next two until years later, but the first Deception ranks among my favourite PlayStation games of all time. I feel like the popular Orcs Must Die! borrows a bit from the formula, in that you lay down a variety of traps in order to weaken, capture and kill enemies. The later games deviated in gameplay a bit, but it should be interesting to see what direction this title goes in. The logo for the upcoming game was Kagero: Darkside Princess (Kagero being the name of the series in Japan).

Anyone else remember this game as favourably as I do?

- Nick H
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