Friday, September 13, 2013

Battle Princess of Arcadias looks like it could be interesting

Nippon Ichi seems to have a history of games that can be very divisive. Many fans adore the fact that the publisher is willing to take chances - including releasing what could be considered niche games outside of Japan. Others simply do not find the unusual titles appealing.

Battle Princess of Arcadias will likely be one such title, set to release in Japan on Septermber 26th of this year on the Sony PlayStation 3. There are plans to release in north America and Europe as well, though no hard dates have been set yet.

The central protagonist is a princess named Plume, who will battle with up to three allies at a time, and the closer her bond to those allies becomes, the more powerful they will be in combat. Combo attacks and job classes will also factor into this action-RPG title.

- Nick H
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