Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A quick glance as Lily Bergamo

When Goichi Suda talks about an upcoming title from Grasshopper Manufacture, a lot of people (including us) tend to listen.

Lily Bergamo was announced for the PlayStation 4, and some interesting new details were shared about this brand new title. Given the divisive but well-chronicled nature of Lollipop Chainsaw, it was interesting to see the studio come back to a female protagonist.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the game to me is that Lily Bergamo will be an action-RPG title. Whether or not the elements will lean heavily in one direction or the other remains to be seen. That they are working with GungHo on this title was another exciting development.

So far there are no plans to bring it to other consoles, and it will be running off of the Unreal engine.

- Nick H
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