Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - not cancelled

Several sites last week ran with reports from Kotaku that stated Final Fantasy Versus XIII was being 'quietly cancelled'.  What did they mean by that?  According to the rumor, Square Enix was going to let the game fade away without announcing anything in an effort to protect stock prices.

Well, this morning IGN posted an article with quotes from Yoichi Wada, stating that the game was alive and well and it sounds like things are looking quite good.  With Versus having been a no-show at E3 this yea, it seemed like fans should anticipate the worst, but maybe there is some hope that the Final Fantasy XIII announcement in this fall could relate to this title in some way and give fans a bit more to look forward to.  Excitement for Versus has been high since its initial release announcement back in 2006.



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