Monday, June 11, 2012

A Look Back: Tekken 6

Tekken has been showing up in more and more gaming conversations of late.  It really should not come as a surprise, given the fact that the popular series has been around since the first PlayStation and has shown up in the recently released Street Fighter X Tekken, the somewhat recently released Tekken Hybrid, and the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

About two and a half years ago however, Tekken 6 came out and provided gamers with more ways to play Tekken with its campaign mode, customizable characters, excellent training mode and online play.  The music and sound are varied and fairly well-done, while the graphics overall are still very good by today's standards.  The character models are detailed and their animations are fluid.  At a first glance the backgrounds are pleasing, but if you study them long enough they do tend to pale compared to the excellent character models.

Aside from the modes though, the combat in Tekken is what really stands out to me.  The actions is fast and fluid, with a combat system that can allow button mashers to get a few cheap wins in, but more often than not rewards players who really delve deep into the character move sets and master a couple of them.  The addition of currency and customization was a fun new feature as well that I dropped a fair amount of time on.  This gave me a reason to play the Campaign mode, which was good, but felt like it should have been better.

The price point to this game is pretty much unbeatable at this point.  I have seen it new for $20 and used for $10-15.  That makes Tekken 6 an excellent value in my opinion.  Certainly there are stronger games out right now for fighting fans, but they will generally run you 30-60 bucks as well.  Giving this one a go recently, I would say that the game holds up pretty well despite being a couple of years old, and if you consider the price it can be had at now, is a four out of five star title.



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