Saturday, May 26, 2012

Demon's Souls - The online servers to remain up

As the title suggests, Atlus has just announced that they have found a viable way to keep the Demon's Souls online servers up and running.  They did not say how long, but they did state that the servers would not met their demise at the end of May as previously announced.

Great news for fans of the series.  A few details that I am curious about were left out, such as if they have a new expected date for closing the servers, or for that matter if any one thing helped spurn them into keeping the servers running.  I had read a lot of fan feedback on various forums asking that Atlus keep the servers going, and perhaps those pleas were heard?  Or perhaps the prior announcement brought a spike of traffic back to the Demon's Souls world once again, and the devs felt that justified continuing the service.  Whatever the reason, Demon's Souls fans rejoice - more death awaits you!



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