Saturday, April 21, 2012

Release information for content packs - Ninja Gaiden 3

Team NINJA released content pack 2 a couple of days ago.  They also talked briefly about a couple of other additions coming soon.  There will be a higher level of difficulty added to the game on April 24th called Ultimate Ninja.  There is also an upcoming DLC pack on May 1st that simply claims: players will be well equipped to master both the real world and the shadow world.
 Here is what they had to say about Content Pack 2 in their release:

Team NINJA released the second downloadable content pack for the gripping Ninja Gaiden 3, which is available at retailers worldwide on PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360®. Players can now download a flurry of DLC items such as the Eclipse Scythe for use in the single player campaign and the Great Scythe for the multiplayer modes.

Further, new equipment items, a new multiplayer stage and new Ninja Trial packs are available for download. To showcase the new downloadable content, Team NINJA created a new video vignette.

Players are now able to download the Eclipse Scythe, an additional weapon for Ryu Hayabusa to use in the story mode, as well as a new stage for the online multiplayer mode Clan Battle. All these are available as a free download and can be obtained as an automatic software update for the PlayStation® 3 and as a downloadable Ninja Pack 1 Lite for the Xbox 360®.

Additionally, players will be able to purchase downloadable content individually—Great Scythe for the multiplayer modes, new Ninja Trial packs for Acolyte, Mentor, Leader, Master difficulties and customization items—or players can purchase the complete set of DLC in Ninja Pack 2.

In terms of power, there is no match for the scythe aside from the true Dragon Sword. Due to its size, the scythe has a devastating swing arc which will easily cut through hordes of enemies. For larger enemies, and even incendiary shuriken blocks, the scythe will play to Ryu’s advantage in battle.



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