Friday, April 13, 2012

The end of Demon's Souls

I just got this in an email a bit ago - but basically it is a message from Atlus that the Demon's Souls online servers will finally be closed.

The final hour of May 31st will be the end of this title's online play.  While it is a game that can certainly be played offline, there is a certainly haunting quality to the online play that keeps you on edge when you move in and out of other peoples' worlds, when you see messages on the ground and blood stains that show you a glimpse of death someone else suffered before.  I never beat Demon's Souls, though I enjoyed it thoroughly and I found the online play to be one of its most compelling features. 

I would have to say without a doubt my most jarring yet memorable was the first time someone invaded my world and came after me.  I was not terribly good at the player vs. player, but on this first invasion I got incredibly fortunate and managed to land a nice soul arrow/thrust combination that killed the invader when I was near death.  It was a tense, nerve-wracking moment that ended in a sense of exhilaration for me.

Any particularly memorable online stories to share from your time with Demon's Souls?



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