Friday, March 2, 2012

Update: RPG Maker VX Ace pre-order information

The other day we learned that RPG Maker VX Ace would be releasing March 15th and that pre-orders started today.  At the time, they teased some bonuses and a discount.  Those additions have now been detailed.

First and foremost - the discount.  I'm sure the price of $90 caught a few people unprepared, but if you pro-order now, you get it for $75.

In addition, three bonuses have been listed:

- Super Dante & RPG Maker 2 remastered music
- Ace DS Graphics Add-on.  These are graphics made for RPG Maker DS and have apparently been enhanced for the Ace release
- Early forum access.  There will be new official  forums on the way, and this grants access to those with the promise of regular contests, giveaways, a special usergroup and more.

These seem like a pretty good deal, but more than that, I think it is exciting to see how this series has grown.  In years past, RPG Maker titles were not brought out of Japan every time, and even when they were, it felt like support was lacking.  For fans of the series, this has to be considered a promising sign that this will be the most engaged release yet.



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