Thursday, March 29, 2012

Screens: Orgarhythm (Vita)

Here's one of the strangest Vita games we've seen yet. Take the music genre, mix it with the strategy genre, and you get Orgarhythm.

This is a game by a new studio, Neilo, but there's real talent driving it. It's a studio that was set up by Tak Hirai (Shenmue, Space Channel 5, Meteos).

We don't know too much about the game as yet, other than the fact that the units that do the fighting in the game have the standard fire, earth, water elements, and each has strengths and weaknesses to enemy units depending on type.

More interestingly, bosses can learn your attack patterns and adjust their own strategies. Extra music tracks (and thus skills) are earned by defeating bosses.

So yeah, we're pretty keen on this one.



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