Thursday, February 16, 2012

Screens: Lollypop Chainsaw is delightfully demented

Credit where credit is due: Suda and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture know how to be insane in the best possible way.

Lollypop Chainsaw, his newest project, is the craziest yet. It stars perky cheergirl Juliet, who has a chainsaw and kills zombies.

But that's not even close to it. Juliet's boyfriend was bitten by a zombie, so to save him she cuts his head off. Somehow, the head is able to talk still, so Juliet straps it to her backside and the game the head becomes part of the game, in the sense that he can be useful in difficult situations (for instance, Juliet toss him in the air and kick him to turn him into a projectile).

At this stage I frankly don't care how the game plays, the theme and style is just so oddball and unique that the creativity alone deserves my money. Hopefully Suda has managed to get some compelling gameplay in there to suit.

Oh, and Juliet comes with costumes that somehow manage to be even sexier than the cheergirl fetish "normal" costume. Tasty.



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