Thursday, February 2, 2012

PS Vita gets back into top three selling consoles in Japan

The Vita has, so far, experienced much the same lack of market enthusiasm that plagued the 3DS' early days.

There's a small positive sign in this weeks hardware sales charts in Japan, though. It's into third place, overtaking its predecessor, largely thanks to the release of Tales of Innocence R, a rather popular game from a rather popular RPG series.

Of course, nothing came even close to the 3DS in sales. Nintendo's wonder is slaughtering the market over there right now.

The charts:

Console (Sales this week)
3DS 84,789
PS3 22,924
PS Vita 18,942
PSP 16,008
Wii 10,396
XB360 1,235
DSiLL 1,180
DSi 738
PS2 713

In terms of software, Armoured Core debuted in the #1 position, shifting 163,906 copies. Resident Evil Revelations (146,995), Tales of Innocence R (54,853), Mario Kart 7 (29,230) and Monster Hunter 3G (27,032) rounded out the top five. Yes, three of the top five software sales were 3DS games.



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