Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Four reasons Guild 01: Crimson Shroud will rock

The 3DS is a little short on the JRPG genre right now. Here’s why I expect Guild 01: Crimson Shroud to singlehandedly correct that imbalance.

1) It’s the insane genius of Grasshopper Manufacturer teamed up with the elegant brilliance of Level 5. Grasshopper is well known for being overly ambitious, Level 5, if it can be criticised for anything (and it was with the White Knight Chronicles games) is known for be overly cautious. The two forces should combine into a very happy harmony.

2) The game has dice. And what looks like a handdrawn map. One of my frustrations with the JRPG genre is how far it strays from the genre’s pen-and-pap routes. The screenshots here show that Grasshopper and Level 5 are well and truly aware of the appeal of classic RPGs.

3) The game has a “Games Master.” See point #2. This game is being positioned as a tabletop RPG, and that’s just awesome for me.

4) The game looks like a classic JRPG. As much as I like games like Final Fantasy XIII-2, I sometimes fear the genre tries too hard to break from convention. Progress is good, but it’s nice get back to basics sometimes.

So, who else likes the look of this game?



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