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Monday, November 28, 2011

Screenshots: Meikyuu Touro Legasista

Thank goodness for NIS. These guys consistently churn out the delightfully weird and wonderful JRPGs, and the upcoming PS3 action game, Meikyuu Touro Legasista looks no different.

Screens: Silent Hill: Book of Memories... I don't know about this, Konami

What happens when you give talented mavericks, WayForward, access to Konami's horror franchise, Silent Hill? Book of Memories is what, and this launch title for the PlayStation Vita could go either way.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Screens: The PSP RPG flood continues (Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki)

If there's one genre that was never underrepresented on the PSP, it was the JRPG. And even with the Vita launch imminent, developers are still building more great looking JRPGs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends

Here we go again. It's like a dance by now; Tecmo Koei releases a Warriors game. The Japanese press loves it. The western press slaughters it. I do my little bit to point out that these are actually quite good games.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Screens: Warriors Orochi 3 is going to be the best thing ever (more Dead or Alive characters and Trinity join the party)

We already knew that Ryu of Ninja Gaiden, Joan of Arc from Bladestorm and Achilles from Warriors: Legends of Troy were joining the upcoming Tecmo Koei character fest, Warriors Orochi 3 (Musou Orochi 2 in Japan).

Aw shucks. Love Plus 3DS delayed

Regardless of what anyone who hasn't played the game but reckons they're an expert says, Love Plus is a damned good game.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Screens: Beyblade Metal Masters

Here's one for the Beyblade fans amongst us: Konami has released a bunch of new screens for its newest DS Beyblade outing.

Atelier Meruru formally announced for the west

Here at Otaku Gaming we love the Atelier series of games. They're utterly charming and funny and most of all they're classic JRPGs with just enough of a twist to them (the alchemy) to keep things interesting.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From Software and Namco developing Gundam for PS3

Now here's a dream match-up: Gundam meets Namco meets From Software on PS3. Yes, From Software of Demon's Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes fame working with Namco Bandai.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Square Enix is living la vida loca financially

That acquisition of Eidos is doing great things for Square Enix. In its financial forecasting for the first half of the current fiscal year, the Japanese publishing giant is seeing things up, up and up.

Warriors Orochi 3 has become a real all-stars game

Tecmo Koei's upcoming Warriors Orochi 3 (Musou Orochi 2 in Japan) is becoming a real all-stars game, with some of the heroes of Tecmo Koei's other major releases putting in an appearance.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Screens, Trailer: Asura's Wrath is looking a bit angry

Capcom's upcoming beat 'em up, Asura's Wrath, is an impressive-looking, way over-the-top and very angry game.

Trailer: Army Corps of Hell

Army Corps of Hell (which has been confirmed for an English release), is one of the more oddball PlayStation Vita launch games.

Screens: Lollypop Chainsaw is looking just hellish (in the best possible way)

Oh how much we adore you, Suda San. Just keep giving us these utterly transgressive, completely nuts, utterly awesome game concepts. Hopefully this time the gameplay itself even lives up to the task.

Oh good. More screens from that girl in the locked room game

Onna no Ko to Misshitsu ni Itara Marumaru Shichau Kamo Shirenai (If I Were in a Locked Room With a Girl) is shaping up nicely to prove to the rest of the world that some games should never leave the shores of Japan.



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