Monday, October 17, 2011

Screens: Ni No Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou [Wrath of the White Witch]

This is going to be the best damned game on the PS3. The Nintendo DS game was awesome, and with the lovely HD visuals that the PS3 can produce, Studio Ghibli's unique vision can really come to life.

It's a fairly standard JRPG, with a couple of things that make it really stand out. One is the visual style - this is a game that as you can see from the screenshots, really looks like a Studio Ghibli animation brought to interactive life.

The other is the story. In true Ghibli style, it's innocent and charming without being condescending. It's intelligent without being arrogant. Most of all, it's fun. Ghibli really is the modern Disney, and we're all for experiencing more of the studio's vision.

Level-5 know their stuff as well, of course. The guys behind White Knight Chronicles and Dragon Quest know how to make traditional style JRPGs. This one has a strong Pokemon-vibe, though truth be told we'll take these critters over Pikachu any day.

Fingers crossed this one gets translated to English. This is one of the games that absolutely must be understood to be enjoyed (try watching Spirited Away in Japanese, for instance), so there's little to no point in importing without a working understanding of the Japanese language.



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