Friday, October 7, 2011

Screens: Nippon Ichi take a crack at the action RPG with The Witch and The Hundred Cavalrymen

One of the genres that the PS3 has struggled to provide gamers with is the dungeon-hack, top down RPGs. You know, like Diablo. There’s been Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, but that’s a PS3 game. Then there’s Dungeon Siege 3, but that failed to live up to expectations. Perhaps, then, Nippon Ichi can pull it off with The Witch and The Hundred Cavalrymen.

Of course, this isn’t going to be a traditional hack and slash game, either. You play as a Hyakkihei cavalryman, and are summoned by a witch of the title to battle against the rival force.

They key point of differentiation to this game is that you can summon 99 other Hyakkihei cavalrymen in battle, each one will have special abilities.

Sounds good to us. Just need to wait and see if it gets an English translation, now, but Nippon Ichi does have a good track record here.



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