Friday, October 28, 2011

Screens: FFXIII-2; join me in the drooling

We've got another massive bunch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens for you, and every time we see more about this game, our anticipation skyrockets.

The new shots show plenty of what to expect from the Chocobo racing component of the game, which has a full gambling component behind it. That alone will probably make us lose weeks of our time.

Aside from that, though, there's all kinds of gorgeous cityscapes, and some weird shots from what looks like dimensional rifts. One thing is for certain - this game takes FFXIII (which is already a gorgeous game), and makes it look positively last-gen.

Only downside? The little bits of dialogue we've seen have us worried. Not so much for ourselves, since FFXIII's plot didn't upset us in the slightest, but more for the Final Fantasy detractors. It looks like this game is going to be as soap-operaish as the last one, and that's going to annoy some people.

Their loss.



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