Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marvellous (and ex-Capcom, Keiji Inafune) hits up 3DS with coolest. RPG. Concept. Ever

Nintendo/ Marvellous fans who felt a little hard done by following the developer/ publisher's decision to make a sequel for Little King's Story for the PlayStation Vita can feel a bit vindicated. New Marvellous recruit, ex-Capcom superstar, Kenji Inafune is working on his first RPG ever for the 3DS, called King of Pirates, and it looks incredible.

The game is based on a cross between two very different, but very cool themes: Pirates and Romance of the Three Kingdoms (a.k.a what most people in the west recognise as the source material for Dynasty Warriors).

The game features over 300 characters of all kinds of animal types penguins, cows, monkeys, eagles and dragons.

And the lead character is a pirate penguin. A pirate penguin!

There's going to be a trilogy to this series, which should mean plenty of swashbuckling awesomeness. Welcome back to Nintendo, Marvellous.



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