Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great news, Europeans, MonkeyPaw has launched on the PlayStation Network!

MonkeyPaw Games is a great little niche publisher; it brings some of the weirdest and most Japanese Japanese games possible to the west, completely unaltered.

Those games are so unaltered that they're not even translated to English, but MonkeyPaw offers a great service to its customers - it provides full game guides through its Website. Even RPGs are playable as a result.

Some of its portfolio includes the rather excellent Yakiniku Bugyou and Rapid Angel, as well as the completely nuts Kyuiin.

Previously it had been working solely within the American market, but now it's bringing some games to the European PSN market. Starting with the stellar RPG, Arc the Lad, the controversial Cho Aniki and the shooter, Sonic Wings Special, European players can start to enjoy authentic Japanese imports.

Fingers crossed they're successful, and there's plenty more to come. In a release MonkeyPaw Games president and CEO, John Greiner, said “why is it that so many classic Japanese titles haven’t seen distribution outside of Japan? MonkeyPaw’s mission is to share these forgotten gems with gamers around the globe. We’re excited to offer our digital download import and classic titles to the European PlayStation Store. It’s just a taste of what’s to come."

Best of luck to them :)



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