Monday, October 3, 2011

The five best Warriors games on PS3

There are a lot of Warriors games out there for the PS3, especially if you’re importing them from Japan. And not all of them are titled with “Warriors,” games like Ken’s Rage and Trinity Souls of Zill o’ll are still Warriors games, even if the game titles don’t say as much.

With that in mind, we’ve listed the top five PS3 Warriors games that people should look into. Those that aren’t on this list are still worth it for the Warriors diehards, but if you only plan on getting one or two of the series, these are the ones to go with (or wait for Warriors Orochi 3, which looks absolutely incredible).

Warriors: Legends of Troy 

The first “western” Warriors game, this one was developed by Tecmo Koei’s newly formed Canadian development team to make the Warriors formula more interesting to western gamers. 

The critics said otherwise, but this game works. It’s violent, bloody, and bloody good fun. Some God of War-style bosses and mythology break up the visceral combat, and Troy is a melting pot of good material and characters for a Warriors game.

Trinity: Souls of Zill ‘O 

This is what happens when you take a Warriors game and put an RPG layer over the top. Trinity is all about accepting quests, then heading into a variety of dungeons to kill stuff and collect the loot and bounties.

It does a good job of mixing up the basic hack and slash with quest variety, and plenty of tools and toys to customise your characters with. It’s not the deepest fantasy RPG, but there’s just enough of a plot in there to give the action purpose, and for people that want a Warriors game that’s a bit different, here it is.

Samurai Warriors 3: Empires 

This one might never get an English release, but for the importers, it’s an absolute must-have. It adds some surprisingly deep and interesting strategy/ empire building elements to the on the field action, with the ability to piece by piece build a town and then Empire.

Of course, there’s plenty of on-the-field battling as well, but if you were a fan of the quite excellent Samurai Warriors 3 on the Wii, the HD and strategic layers added to this PS3 game make it the complete package.

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 

Tecmo Koei must have seen Monster Hunter and thought it was a good idea for this game, because that’s the direct inspiration for Strikeforce; big boss battles, plenty of loot grinding and village upgrades.

It’s also very multiplayer-focused, and unfortunately the online community has largely died away. Still, if you buy into the game, let me know and we’ll get some online questing going.

It’s not as good as Monster Hunter, as there’s some very clunky moments with the lock on and attack system, but it’s still great fun to develop a character over a whole whole shedload of levels, find the right weapon combination for your gaming preference, and participate in some epic, climatic battles.

Dynasty Warriors 7  

This game is by far the biggest and most spectacular Warriors game to date. The visuals are incredible, the level structure is incredible, there is a massive number of levels available to play, across four (one extra one over the previous Warriors games) different army factions.

Even the critics were forced to be more lenient with this game, as it far transcends being a mere button masher and becomes an epic adventure and story, as befits the epic nature of the literature the game is based on.

So what's your favourite PS3 Warriors game?



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